The Inzen power solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a concern under the Vishwakarma group, the group having a variety of experience in Battery Industry, Education & Health.
Since, its inception in 1987, Vishwakarma Metal Works, has established itself reputed lead alloy, lead oxide, battery plates and battery manufacturer with innovative technologies.
The group has state of art production facilities in Haryana, Haridwar, Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) and Delhi, equipped with the latest available machinery.
Company is producing battery plates in more then 35 different sizes for (Dry charged) Automotive, calcium-calcium for Automotive, VRLA, Tubular and Motorcycle/SMF.
Company is producing batteries for Motorcycle – Dry charged & SMF, Automotive and Automotive ca/ca, Automotive –MF, Inverter Flat/Tubular and Solar Batteries in PP containers. We do have imported AGM, ready to use epoxy, color epoxy etc for VRLA batteries.
We do manufacture containers for SMF/Motorcycle batteries in ABS.

We market our brand like Inzen, SpeedZone, VPL and Smart Power.

The solar batteries has been Approved by the RETS (Renewable Energy Test Centre) of Nepal Government in almost 20 diffrent sizes @C20 & @ C10.Company with Global presence made rapid progress and established a strong foothold with its best-in class products and technological innovations in Nepal, Nigeria and South Africa. We do export for our all brands.

Govt of India:- Company has all approval certificates by Govt of India for MNRE on our Tubular batteries for solar in INZEN brand, our approved 5 models are 12V-10ah, 20ah, 40ah, 75ah, 100ah and 150ah at C-10 rating. Govt of Nepal:- Our Tubular batteries in VPL brand are also approved by RETS the Govt of Nepal for solar application. Our approved 8 models are 12V- 18ah, 35ah, 55ah, 60ah, 85ah, 105ah, 150ah and 200ah.
Company has an ISO: 9001:2008 certifications.

Inzen Power Batteries

Speed Zone Batteries



• BATTERY PLATES- We Manufacture Battery plates of more then 35 different sizes & capacities for different applications which includes-Motorcycle batteries, Automotive, Inverter, VRLA, UPS, TUBULAR, Solar application batteries in selenium & calcium lead alloy composition.

• BATTERIES- We Manufacture Batteries of 30 diffrent sizes & Ah capacity FROM 12Volt-2.5Ah to 12volt-240ah, for diffrent applications including- MC battery, Inverter, solar, UPS, & other applications

•MAINTINANCE FREE BATTERIES- Calcium-calcium lead alloy batteries for automotive applications. also available maintenance free ca-ca Motorcycle Batteries.

• DRY Charged Heat Sealed Motorcycle Batteries.

• LED Bulbs & Solar Home Light Systems.

• Lead Alloy- Lead alloy used is selenium lead alloy for low maintenance batteries & calcium lead alloy for maintenance free batteries

• Lead Oxide- lead oxide is made up of 99.97-99.98 % pure lead.

• Acid- Iron & chlorine free acid is used.

• DM Water.

• PE- SEPERATERS of Daramic USA is used in all our batteries.

• CONTAINERS- battery containers used is of Manika molds Mumbai.

• MNRE- Our Tubular Batteries are approved by Govt. of India, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Delhi for solar application. our 5 models have been approved by the govt.- 12v-10ah, 20ah, 40ah, 75ah, 100ah, C-10 rate.

• NEPAL GOVT. APPROVAL- Our Tubular Batteries are also approved by the Govt of Nepal for solar application. in nepal our two brands have been approved- VPL, & Another is SMART POWER. In nepal our 8 models have been approved- 12volt-18ah, 35ah, 55ah, 60ah, 85ah, 105ah, 150ah, 200ah. we are supplying on an average 2000 batteries for solar application every month to Nepal.


  • GRID CASTING MACHINES OF DEVAKI Engineering Bangalore & Grid casting machine from DSC Taiwan.
  • Automatic pasting machine from DSC Taiwan..
  • Paste mixing mixers from Devaki bangalore.
  • Heat sealing plant from fluidomatic Noida
  • Curing & Drying oven from HYGROTECH Bangalore.
  • Dry charge oven from GANG LEEH Taiwan & Unik techno system pune.
  • Fully automatic plates & battery charges.
  • In house chemical lab for the testing of raw matrial & finished products.
  • In house Physical lab for the capacity & other testing of the batteries.