2 Volt Cell / Tubular Batteries

2 Volt Cell / Tubular Batteries

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Recommended floating voltage 2.16 to 2.20 volts/cell
Recommended float trickle charge voltage 2.18 volts/cell+1%
Equalising charge voltage 2.34 – 2.40 volts/cell
For dry uncharged batteries / cell;
Elecrtolyte specific gravity 1.200+0.005 at 27 C for initial filling.
Initial charging current 0.05 x C 10 Amps for 120 hrs.
Operating specific gravity of fully charged battery cell 1.200+0.005 at 27 C.

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The INZEN POWER makes Stationary Batteries / 2 Volts Cells are available in dry uncharged / charged
conditions and you are assured of an excellent quality product and satisfactory service.
All cells are assembled with tubular type positive and flat pasted negative plates.
INZEN POWER cells are manufactured as per IS-1651:1991

Electrolyte Level Indicators and Microporous Vent Plugs

Easy to read electrolyte level indicators allow the level of electrolyte in the battery/cell to be
read at a glance and vent plugs having microporous filters return the acid spray to the
battery/cell, while allowing the Oxygen and Hydrogen generated during the final stage of
boost charging, to exit to the atmosphere.

Tubular Positive Plates

The active material in the positive plates is encased in multi-tubular gauntlets woven from
high tensile acid resistant polyester yarn. The fine weave of the fabric retains the active
material in place while allowing free access to the electrolyte. These gauntlets are unaffected
by acidic corrosion and withstand the stresses due to expansion and contraction during
cycling. Negative plates are thicker and specially designed for superiors performance.

PE Separators and Side Insulating Channels

These separators have very low electrical resistance, which improves battery performance.
Their high porosity ensures the easy diffusion of electrolyte assuring excellent performance
even at high rates of discharge and their resistance to oxidation ensures a long life in service.
Side insulating channels prevent formation of short circuits along the vertical edges of the

technical Specification of 2 vold cell tubular battery from Inzen Power


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Weight 5.9-80 kg
Dimensions 167 × 97 × 220 cm

Black, Blue, Pink

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