2 Volt Battery

Inzen offers excellent quality 2-volt LMLA (Low Maintenance Lead Acid) battery cell in India. All cells are assembled with tubular type positive plates and flat pasted negative plates. This type of lead-acid battery requires less attention than the conventional type. When operated under normal temperatures and charged under suitable conditions. We are supported by our expert team, which is made with the compilation of qualified professionals, who are actively engaged in the 2-volt battery cell manufacturing. All raw materials & other components which ere used for producing battery cell undergo strict Quality control tests at various stages of manufacture resulting in optimum quality and reliability of the end cell product.

2 Volt Battery


  1.  Wide Range – from 200 Ah to 1000 Ah
  2.  Easier to Install
  3.  Low water top-up during the service life
  4.  Long-life because of very low corrosion & enhance free self-discharge rate
  5.  Proven cycling & deep cycling capability
  6.  Enhancement in life
  7.  High buyback value after the end of life.
  8.  Eco Friendly – Low emission of corrosive fumes or gases under normal operating conditions.

2 Volt Battery-Dimensions

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    2 Volt Cell / Tubular Batteries


    Recommended floating voltage 2.16 to 2.20 volts/cell
    Recommended float trickle charge voltage 2.18 volts/cell+1%
    Equalising charge voltage 2.34 – 2.40 volts/cell
    For dry uncharged batteries / cell;
    Elecrtolyte specific gravity 1.200+0.005 at 27 C for initial filling.
    Initial charging current 0.05 x C 10 Amps for 120 hrs.
    Operating specific gravity of fully charged battery cell 1.200+0.005 at 27 C.

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